Order House®
Custom Multiuser Software Business Environment for Mac
Specializing in Mail Order, Manufacturing, Distribution and Service Businesses
OH covers all aspects of busniess functions including Inventory, Purchase Orders, Order Entry, Invoicing, Shipping, Accounting, Communications (such as letters, interoffice memos, phone appoiments, etc.), internal/external document management, specialized functions (such as scheduling sample mailings), sales rep accounting, RMA/Serial# db, manufacturing sub-parts tracking/ordering, extensive sales/inventory reports, integrated double entry accounting system with balance sheets.
The first Order House shipped in 1986. That program still runs in the latest Mac operating system, OS 10.8. We have clients who have used OH continuously since the early nineties! With over 27 years experience, Order House has been perfected and proven reliable. Since OH is customizable, each company gets it own unique set up. In client server mode, users may be on a local network and/or over the internet. Each user gets their own unique set of menus and permissions; i.e. a shipping employee may only see windows relating to inventory and shipments. Reports are usually set for live updating! (For instance: an accounting user can view from anywhere in the world a live balance sheet with the latest sales info.) OH has complete inport/export capabilities for communication with worldwide business partners. In OH you can create/save styled text documents for posters, announcements, etc. It also has a dB of picts for saving logos and such. The external document manager can display PDF/jpegs/etc. files right within OH.
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