Pelouze scale to UPS Online Page

If you are wanting to connect you pelouze (any 4000 series) scale to the UPS online software, you will need to download a replacement 'scale.ini' file that includes data for the pelouze. The addtional paragraph contained in this text file was written by a customer of pelouze, is free, and is NOT officially supported by Elefunt Software, Pelouze Scale Co. or UPS. However, it does seem to work. Good luck.

This file is available at:

Save this as a plain text file. Find the scale.ini file that comes with UPS Online software and replace it with the file you have just downloaded. Then, inside UPS online you will find pelouze as a choice in the pop-up.

As a side note, remember that when hooking the scale to the computer comm port, you need BOTH a straight through serial cable AND a Null modem adapter. The following info is from pelouze:

RS-232 Cable
Purchasing the following two parts from Radio Shack should give
an appropriate connection.
  Radio Shack 1999 Catalog Page 239
  Description          | Connectors          | Cat. No. | Each
  6-ft. round shielded | DB9 male/DB9 female | 26-117   | $9.99
  Null modem adapter   | DB9 male/DB9 female | 26-264   | $5.99
The complete pelouze technical info sheet for 4000 series scales is here.